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Restaurant is located in the center of Hvar, at main town square, just beside old well.
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In 1933 Jure Kovačević starts his "Restaurant & Inn Jadran (Adriatic)", "just 10 minutes from the Marble Beach, the most beautiful and comfortable of its kind in Dalmatia", and Jure will "pay the train fee home after a ten days' stay"! He offers "fresh fish, baked or fried, Brodetto and all kinds of Dalmatian specialities - delicious wines (Prošek) and other beverages". His "Jadran" is soon to be renamed by the people to: "Jure Pošteni - Honest Jure".
Guess why!
In 2003 in the new millennium Jure's grand-son Đorđe Kovačević makes up his mind to serve his customers himself like his grand-father had done, and again everything should be "first-rate at a low-price" - as the restaurant still is just 10 minutes from the Marble Beach and Hvar still is the most beautiful town of Dalmatia, Croatia, oh well, of the whole world!
According to family tradition our new restaurant gets the name the old one had been given by the people: "Pošteni" (The Honest One) - to show our return to the values and principles of my grand-father. We are in good hope to achieve these goals.…

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Đorđe Pošteni - Honest Đorđe, grand-son of Jure Pošteni of Hvar

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